BPO and Integrated Services

Payroll Services
Paying staff can time consuming monthly task. Our Payroll Services offer corporates, small to medium sized enterprises and business owners a professional approach to this sensitive process. With our comprehensive knowledge of the related legislation we simplify the process to remove the headache of payroll so that businesses can focus on their core areas of expertise. We offer the following services:
  • Registration of PAYE and NSSF
  • Compilation of employee payslips on a monthly basis via Memory Payroll Software by email
  • Calculation of monthly payroll taxes (PAYE, LST and NSSF)
  • Submission of monthly return to the revenue Authority (via e-Filing)
Corporate and Management Accounting
Large enterprises can afford to employ a fulltime professional accountant to prepare report for control and decision reports to assist the directors in managing the company. However, the lack of these skills in smaller enterprises forces management to be equate profitability to cash balance. Many small businesses and start-ups have limited access to skills and information about reporting requirements - this is where we can help. Through our global network and the use of technology for accounting purposes, we provide support in the critical area of finance to ensure that you have an accurate and up to date picture of your company’s financial situation. Our services include:
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Preparation of Annual financial statements
  • Processing of accounting records
  • Cash flow forecast
IFRS Financial statement Preparation
Our accredited accountants will produce all financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash-flow statement) according to the highest standards of quality for both profit and non-profit oriented businesses. You will have all your financial documentation (balance sheet, cash flow report, etc.) prepared accurately and on time. We see our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide you with constructive solutions for maximizing your profitability and efficiency. Well–organized financial records ensure that your daily operations stay efficient and are conducted as effectively as possible. This is why our firm offers a full range of cost effective accounting services.
Management Reporting

In any business, key financial decisions by management must be based on hard data. This makes it vital to have effective management reporting.
We can set up your chart of accounts to ensure that you receive the correct management reports when you need them. We can prepare management accounts quarterly or monthly appropriate. We can prepare VAT returns based on these reports and assist with the preparation of financial projections. We can also prepare year-end accounts for you, with a fully cross-referenced working paper file ready for submission to the auditors. Our diverse sector experience means we can also offer you added-value commentary based on variance analysis.